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Cosmetic Dentistry In Newton, MA

Cosmetic dentistry In Newton, MA

At the Complete Dental of Newton Office, we’re proud to provide a variety of cosmetic dental treatments in Newton, Massachusetts. Some patients come single for an aesthetic procedure or a complete mouth makeover. We appreciate that a person’s grin can positively impact appearance, self-esteem, and speaking ability. Regardless of the reason, whether it be to make you look good or fulfill your needs for your teeth function purpose, our caring team at your disposal is here to guide you along the path to accomplishing your objectives.

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If you are a resident of Newton, MA, please get in touch with us at 617-527-0217 and book a consultation with Dr. Rizwan Baig. At this first visit, we will perform a very detailed oral health examination and chat about your goals and expectations in smile makeovers. Since there are many cosmetic dental procedures and much depends on your goals, taking time to understand what you wish to accomplish is the first step in the customization needed to fit your lifestyle.
However, it is important to bear in mind that prior to any cosmetic dental treatment, your teeth and gums should be healthy first. Start with a strong base to ensure great outcomes. In the absence of prevention, the process will last longer, and by the time it ends, your teeth may be in a bad state. It is vital to start any cosmetic work with intact teeth and to do the restorations in the process as a way of making sure your new smile is beautiful for a longer time.
However, healthy gums are a necessity of several cosmetic procedures. The relationship between gums and teeth is well-established. Suppose you have already gum recession or any level of gum disease. In that case, it will progress, leading to deterioration of your teeth, especially if you miss your dental checkup which will allow the bacteria to cause the infection and even destroying your bone. An active diagnosis of periodontal disease could limit the cosmetic effects of treatments. Therefore, should gum disease be detected, we will place focus on the treatment of it before proceeding with cosmetic dental work.

Cosmetic dentist In Newton, MA
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After you are ready for cosmetic dental treatment, we will ensure that you can get an appointment scheduled. Normally, we would advise you to start with a teeth whitening. This initial step is extremely important since any restorative or cosmetic work, like creating a crown or a veneer, usually requires the use of materials such as resin, ceramic, or porcelain. Such substances are stain-resistant, and that is very useful in preserving a nice smile. They also cannot lighten the same way they would as your teeth.
Hence, you must have your natural teeth in the shade you wish before undertaking cosmetic work to make them a perfect match. Should you choose some specific or only two teeth, and they should match the rest of your teeth, whether or not they are your changeling teeth, you should like their current color as well. Our mission is to bring a smile that you didn’t have before, and this will be done by closing gaps between teeth, changing the shape or size of the teeth, covering dark stains, aligning them, and restoration if they are damaged. We offer cosmetic dental solutions to help you obtain the ultimate smile you have always wanted. If you want more information or to speak with the Complete Dental-Newton Office team, please call (617) 527-0217.

Procedure and Process Treatment

Our cosmetic dentistry is for the primary purpose to improve the aesthetics of your smile and boost your confidence. The range of our treatments includes teeth whitening, veneers, smile makeovers, and other advanced options that we utilize to achieve your dream smile. Our artists and dentists with experience form a team that combines art and medicine to achieve amazing results. Let us together make Dentistry transformative and revolutionizing.

1. Consultations

Begin with a consultation to discuss your smile goals and explore cosmetic options tailored to your preferences.
newton ma dental Check Up

2. Check Up

Our team conducts a comprehensive dental check-up to assess your oral health, ensuring a strong foundation for cosmetic procedures.
Newton ma dental Treatments

3. Treatments

Choose from a variety of treatments, including teeth whitening, veneers, and more, to achieve your desired smile transformation.
newton ma dental Recovery

4. Recovery

Recovery is typically swift, with minimal discomfort, allowing you to enjoy your enhanced smile with confidence.

Insurances We Accept:

  • Altus
  • Ameritas
  • BCBS of MA
  • Cigna
  • Delta (MA, NE, NY, NJ, PA)
  • Guardian
  • Masshealth
  • Metlife
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