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Dental Emergencies In Newton, MA

Dental emergencies can arise for various reasons, and they often occur unexpectedly. At Complete Dental of Newton Office, we understand that dental emergencies can be particularly distressing and aim to provide prompt assistance. Our team is committed to accommodating last-minute appointment requests to alleviate the patient’s oral pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing a toothache or a significant dental emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at (617) 527-0217. Your oral health and well-being are our top priorities.

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Do I need emergency dentistry? Call us if…

Here are some common dental emergencies:

  • Toothache: If you’ve tried brushing, rinsing, and flossing, the pain persists.
  • Tooth Knocked Out: Seek immediate dental care.
  • Gum/Tongue/Cheek Injuries: If the bleeding won’t stop.
  • Broken/Loose Braces: Contact your orthodontist right away.
  • Chipped/Broken Teeth: Especially if the chip is significant or your tooth is cracked or in pieces.
  • Lost Filling/Crown: Prompt attention may be needed.
  • Tooth Loosened: If a tooth becomes loose unexpectedly.
  • Abscess: A painful infection that requires urgent treatment.

If you experience any dental emergencies, seeking dental care promptly to address the issue and alleviate pain or discomfort is crucial. Please get in touch with us at (617) 527-0217 for immediate assistance.

Emergency Dentistry in Newton, MA
Reasons for Needing an Emergency Dental Visit

Reasons for Needing an Emergency Dental Visit

The American Dental Association has reported that one of the primary causes of adult tooth damage each year is sports-related activities. This risk extends across various athletic pursuits and can lead to the need for emergency dental appointments in Newton, MA. Even casual games like backyard basketball can result in tooth injuries, including chips or knocked-out teeth. This risk is also applicable to children participating in sports. While protective measures like wearing mouthguards can help reduce the risk, dental emergencies can still occur. If a dental emergency arises, please get in touch with us immediately at (617) 527-0217.
Car accidents represent another significant cause of tooth injuries. Although tooth enamel is robust, it may not withstand the impact of colliding with a steering wheel without sustaining damage. Given the high number of accidents that occur annually, dental injuries are common. We recommend that Complete Dental of Newton Office patients undergo an examination at a local emergency room following a car accident to ensure they haven’t sustained any physical injuries. Subsequently, contacting us for a dentist appointment is essential, as dental issues are not typically treated in emergency rooms. Your overall health and dental well-being are our priorities, and we are here to provide the necessary care and treatment.

Complete Dental of Newton Emergency Dentistry

Severe and sudden toothaches are frequent reasons why individuals in Newton, MA, seek the services of an emergency dentist. At Complete Dental of Newton Office, we are equipped to conduct thorough examinations to determine the underlying cause of the pain. It could be attributed to various factors, such as a cavity that has progressed to necessitating a root canal procedure. Another possibility is gum disease, which can lead to gum recession, exposing the tooth and its roots and resulting in intense pain. Both scenarios may require emergency treatment, and our priority is promptly alleviating your discomfort.
If a tooth infection is left untreated over an extended period, it can progress to a dental abscess, an excruciatingly painful condition. A dental spot is a severe tooth infection that can extend into your jawbone and the floor of your mouth. In such cases, oral surgery may be required to remove the infection. During your dental examination with Dr. Rizwan Baig, we can identify the presence of an abscess and discuss the appropriate course of action to address it. Our goal is to ensure your comfort and oral health, so please contact us if you are experiencing dental pain or discomfort.

Complete Dental of Newton Emergency Dentistry
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How can I relieve dental pain while waiting for an emergency dental appointment?

At Complete Dental of Newton Office, we aim to ensure our patients remain comfortable and lead pain-free lives. If you come to us with pain, we will diligently diagnose the underlying issue and discuss the available treatment options. In many cases, we may prescribe medication to alleviate the pain. This medication can provide relief both during your dental appointment and at home. Applying a cold compress or ice pack to the affected area can help reduce or prevent swelling, further enhancing your comfort.
Your well-being is our top priority, and we are dedicated to addressing your dental concerns and pain promptly and effectively. If you are experiencing dental discomfort or pain, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We are here to provide you with the care and relief you need.

Treatment Options

When a tooth has been knocked out…
If you’ve had a tooth knocked out, trying to locate the tooth is essential. Once found, gently rinse it under warm water without scrubbing it. Then, place the tooth in a cup of milk and bring it to your dental appointment. We will make every effort to save the tooth if possible. If it cannot be held, we will discuss replacement options, including dentures, a dental bridge, or dental implants.
When a tooth is broken…
Tooth damage often occurs during sports activities or car accidents, resulting in cracks or chips in the tooth structure. We can typically address the tooth structure with various dental treatments if the tooth structure is intact. There are several ways to restore damaged teeth, including dental veneers and crowns. Both options are effective at restoring full functionality while maintaining a natural appearance. As an emergency dental facility, we will inform you about your treatment options and the best approach to achieve your smile goals. To schedule an appointment, please call (617) 527-0217.
When a tooth is infected…
As emergency dentists, we will assess the situation and inform you of the location of the infection and the most effective way to treat it promptly. Our primary goal is to ensure comfort, overall health, and pain-free. Patients trust us to eliminate infections and maintain the excellent oral health of their teeth and gums. Whether addressing a joint cavity or treating a dental abscess, we are committed to resolving the issue to keep patients comfortable during any necessary procedures.

complete dental of newton, ma emergency dentistry
emergency dentist in newton, ma

How can an emergency dentist help me?

At Complete Dental of Newton Office, our primary aim is to maintain our patients’ comfort and prevent them from experiencing dental injuries or pain. We understand that most dental emergencies occur unexpectedly. If you have a damaged tooth or are in pain, please don’t hesitate to call us at (617) 527-0217 immediately, and we will arrange your appointment promptly. Our friendly staff is committed to accommodating your schedule and ensuring you can return to a life free from oral pain.
While many dentists require appointments to be scheduled well in advance, our team will work with you in every situation to provide the necessary treatment without delay. Additionally, to minimize the risk of dental emergencies, it’s essential to receive regular teeth cleanings twice a year and maintain a healthy diet year-round. Your oral health and well-being are our top priorities, and we are here to provide you with the care and support you need.

Procedure and Process Treatment

When dental emergencies strike, trust Complete Dental of Newton to provide swift and effective Dental Emergency services. Our experienced team is dedicated to addressing your immediate dental needs with care and urgency. We’re here to alleviate your discomfort and restore your smile’s health, ensuring your peace of mind during challenging times.

1. Consultations

During a dental emergency, we prioritize rapid consultations to assess your condition and understand your immediate concerns.
newton ma dental Check Up

2. Check Up

Our team conducts a thorough examination to diagnose the issue, ensuring we address the root cause of the emergency.
Newton ma dental Treatments

3. Treatments

We offer prompt and effective treatments, whether it's relief from pain, repair of damaged teeth, or other necessary interventions.
newton ma dental Recovery

4. Recovery

Our goal is to minimize discomfort and facilitate a speedy recovery, so you can regain your oral health and well-being as quickly as possible.

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Dental Emergencies In Newton

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